David Duner

David A. Duner, CPA

David Duner, CPA, located in Irvine California, has been serving the private mortgage industry for over 25 years. We have clients that are conventional lenders (brokers) but the majority of our clients are in the private investor trust deed industry. The services that we provide are as follows:


Bureau of Real Estate required services:

Preparation of annual Trust Fund Reviewed Financial Statements Preparation of quarterly Multi-Lender Loan procedural test of transactions report Preparation of quarterly BRE Reports


Assist Brokers with reconciliation of Trust accounts.


Assist Brokers in Audits conducted by the Bureau of Real Estate.


Certified Audits of Mortgage Pool LLC’s.

Preparation of audited financial statements. This is usually recommended by attorneys for the benefit of the investors and is also required to maintain a CFL license or DOC permit.


Monthly accounting services for mortgage pools.


Preparation of LLC partnership tax return and investor K-1 forms.


Certified audits, reviews, or compiled financial statements of the broker’s corporation.

Certified audits of the broker’s corporation are also required when the broker has obtained a CFL license.


Assist in the registration process of mortgage pool LLC’s with the SEC and subsequent 10K filings.

We are a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and are qualified to audit SEC registered companies.


We also provide many traditional accounting services to mortgage industry clients such as preparation of corporate income tax returns and the personal income tax returns of the principals of the company.


We have approximately 40 clients in your industry that we provide the above services to.

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